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Monday, October 26, 2009


"The Unbroken" Redone, with additional color

"The Unbroken" Initial with minimal color

Newly released October 2009
Pencil, Pastel, acrylic via wild horse hair
L/E 250 signed & numbered giclee prints

I had this "itch" to add more color to what I thought was a completed piece. I posted them together for a comparison. Those who know me and my art know that I tend to "overdo" things and not know when to quit. Many were threatening an intervention. ;)

The story about these horses:
A friend, who is also a stock contractor and a wonderful photographer, Robin Corey, allowed me to draw one of her beautiful photos. I loved the photograph and immediately came up with a name when she told me the story of these horses. These are horses that have an amazing 'unbroken' spirit, who refuse to "buckout" and so are unrideable. I VERY much admire that strength and tenacity as it depicts our wild west.

I was drawn to the striking contrasting details, the mane textures and wind knots. Your eye is drawn into the quietness as they are at rest, and while you feel you are among them, one clearly keeps his eye on you with her indeterminant spirit and fight to stay wild. As you move deeper within the herd, you are attuned to their levels of awareness.

Some light and dark contrasting hair details such as the whisps are via acrylic paint, using wild horse mane strands for the paintbrush.

Simple things.

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