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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Facebook | Sonya Malecky Spaziani

Facebook | Sonya Malecky Spaziani "COWGIRL COMPOSURE": "When I was in college, hanging out with my buddies and showing off my athlete of a thoroughbred newly off the track, I took her out to burn pent-up energy from being in a stall for a day or two... She was fresh, but oh so pretty, arching her neck, snorting, and prancing like a dressage horse next to me as I walked her.

I looked at her amazing arched neck with rippling muscles beneath, aching to be set free. I smiled to myself. Once in a while she'd let out a kick bc she felt so good and was excited to 'go run'. My friends stood atop the hill watching me walk her to the pasture below, and I'm certain 'in awe' too as they watched my gorgeous bay and shiny specimin of horseflesh next to me. Well on one of her happy 'kick outs', she happened to turn sideways and nailed my thigh with a back hoof. Being farther away, my friends exclaimed asking if she'd kicked me and if I was ok. 'Nope! Didn't kick me... just looked like it' I said, mustering a normal voice and smile through gritted teeth. Later that night, my thigh was a giant bruise with my thigh muscles in knots. I could barely walk, but I had to drive them all home, using that leg on the clutch of my rig, which was about all I to could stand, yet still maintain 'cowgirl composure'. No one knew any better... ever.

I still walk or ride fresh horses, wear flipflops, and am accused of showing off on occasion... I never did say I was smart. ;)"

Simple things.

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