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Friday, October 16, 2009

Sad day for the West. 1/4 of WY Wild Horses Rounded Up this Month

I write this with a heavy heart as while I sit here, there is a mustang roundup CURRENTLY underway in Cody, WY ~ the McCullough Peaks wild herd. BLM is removing 122 out of 220 horses. Carol Walker who is at the round up is reporting on this in ‘real time’ via her blackberry. Horses are all healthy and on sustainable. They’re currently bringing in a colorful herd with pintos, palominos, cremellos, buckins, greys, bays, chestnuts, blacks. 220 horses taken from Wyoming's range of 177,000 acres.

BLM is removing 1000 this month about 1/4 of the horses currently in the state of Wyoming. Sad day for our west. One black & white band stallion, Washakie and his herd of 17, have been giving the helicopter a run for his money, double backing several times in order to avoid the trap. Photograph of him below, taken by Deb Little, fellow wild horse advocate who's photographed the McCullough Peaks herds many times before. Even with public outcry and rage, the government continues the roundups adding to the 33,000 already in captivity on taxpayers money, facing an uncertain future. Feeling helpless, all I can do is shake my head and put the information out there, in hopes more people know what's happening to our declining wild horse herds... OUR horses, on OUR public lands.

Washakie, band stallion
by Deb Little

Please share and spread the word about the continued and unnecessary roundups all over our west. Our west sadly feels... less wild.

Where the wild wind blows,


  1. Awe, that is sad! Where are they taking them?

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