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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

MY Funnybone

This is in response to a good friend's question about my humor and how I acquired it.... So I'm a tad long-winded!

MY funnybone? I've learned long ago not to take things very seriously. It makes for such a better and happier life that way. Why waste away a day worrying or thinking badly of something or someone? And if you "really" look, many things do have a funny side. But, of course when there is something that requires me to leave my funnybone "in the barn", it gets my immediate, focused, and aggressive attention. I don't want to get burned-out on trivial problems... they're too easy to find, and potentially consuming. Someone very wise once told me, "When you look for something bad, you're more than likely going to find it". So I love life and live it to the fullest everyday appreciating all and everyone I have been blessed with. But hold my reserves when something really needs the attention from the other (darker... brew-haha) side of me.

It is my humble opinion that too many people take things way too seriously. With this, they miss the beauty of life and its "humorousness". Laughing adds a richness to it! Besides, what is better medicine than laughing and attending to your funnybone? it saddens me to see some people be so cynicle and the view that "life happens to them"... when it's really all under THEIR OWN power to decide how they make THEIR life happen, and in turn, how they view it. Life is way too short to be scornful and angry... Focus too much the bad, and the beauty of life is missed! To these people, I say "...take the reins in YOUR hand, and pick your OWN road"~ and ride to an "unforgettable" (notice the foreshadowing here, a lead-in to my next paragraph) and fulfilling life!

I do also enjoy having a positive effect on others, it makes me feel, hmmmm .... POWERFUL! LOL. And you know what they say, you can't take your wealth and your belongings with you, WHO YOU'VE BECOME is what you take with you... It's the fond memories you share with others. So what you leave behind is memories (and any "power" you've weilded one time or another) and this is how one lives on~ in the thoughts, words, and hails of others! This makes me think of another poignant quote I like: "People may not rememember what you say. People may not remember what you do. But they ALWAYS remember how you made them feel". I try and live that way everyday.

Now I'm no Saint. There ARE those days when there's a provokation... that deserves my immediate and stinging attention.

A funnybone is a powerful tool. However, I do have to say that in actuality, I do not find that the renowned "physical" funnybone adjoined to the elbow, to be very funny at all~ especially when I give it a hefty reverberating smack!

A complicated answer to a very simple question! One may want to think twice before asking a "cowgirl on coffee" a mindbending question! LOL

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  1. Great blog, you are absolutely right about people taking things way too serious nowdays. Keep up the good work.
    Jason Watson