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Friday, May 8, 2009

Latest Drawing: "The One for the Job"

Here is my lastest image, called "The One for the Job", finished 3/09. The original photograph for this drawing is by an excellent photographer, who was gracious enough to allow me to draw one of her beautiful moments captured on camera. Her name is Pam Nickoles of Be sure to see her beautiful western and wild horse images! Tell her I said "HOWDY!"
I was "drawn" to this piece, mostly because of the beautiful strong horse with the huge star and the wind picking up his forelock, and mane tossled over his neck, and that he appeared so willing and ready to "go do his job". The cowboy talking to the handsome horse, with his weathered rain slicker also was captivating. The original has recently been accepted to The Heart of the West art show in Wyoming.
This is a signed & numbered limited edition giclee print of 250 giclee prints.

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