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Friday, November 13, 2009

Facebook | Sonya Malecky Spaziani Today... I am THANKFUL for all animals big and small, and the richness they bring into our lives~ making us better people.

"Perfect Circle"
Goldie and Storm
My ferocious over-protective mare and her new foal

Facebook | Sonya Malecky Spaziani The Fury and Grace of a Mother : "you know, I've heard this time and time again about horses being so gentle around small children. I've also seen it with the tiniest and most fragile of foals as well.

I had my pregnant mare on close watch seperated from the other horses in a round corral. Then one early morning, I walked out to check on Goldie, and she had somehow gotten out and foaled in the pasture around the others. I felt like I was rooted to the ground watching this mare in action. I watched Goldie behave in such a protectively, vicous manner, equipped with such an instinct so strong to protect her offspring. She was so terrorizing to the nearing and curious geldings (including Gus... sheesh.. the 'herd stallion'). So manacing was she, that they respectively kept a safe radius from the pair, until their curiousity took over and took some steps closer, and her maternal fury kicked in..... and yet amazingly careful around her new foal.

I winced with a fearful and aching heart as I watched her "ferociousness" keep the curious boys at bay- running at them with thundering hooves, kicking, and striking towards them, with bared teeth! With the fast and flying commotion, I feared for the delicate and fragile little foal's safety. However, the longer I watched, the greater my confidence grew in Goldie's ability to care of her little man. I can recall as if in slow motion, those menacing moves, yet somehow at the same time, so graceful and agile was she when near the foal, keeping him in a 'protective bubble'. She'd run the geldings off with bared teeth, shaking her head at them, but each time return calmly to lovingly tend to her baby, looking him over, and licking him clean. Always aware of where her big body and strong legs were when near him when she wealed and turned on her haunches for another go at the pesky gelding.... so much protection, with such strength and grace.....

So much unyeilding determination to protect offspring.... the bare and basic instincts kick in, when a mother gives birth. The familial bonds and 'spirit' of horses are powerful, amazing, and inspiring.... something which cannot be taught and something which cannot be broken."

Simple things.

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