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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sweaty Eyebrows

Okay, I have no pictures to go with this one, but no one I know would want one anyway! Some things are just better to leave in one's imagination and undocumented.

I love potato chips, especially natural and hearty Kettle chips. Yesterday I enjoyed Death Valley Chipotle, the day before Buffalo Bleu. Today, it's Sea Salt and Vinegar. I smile just thinking about each variety! Once I tried those chips, all others take a backseat and I don't think I can buy a bag of any other kind again.

Faces are expressive, but eyebrows have their own stories to tell. Mine, well my eyebrows lightly perspire when I eat something pretty spicy or "vinegary".... No worries, nothing that would make someone look twice! Just enough for me to feel a cool breeze on my eye-armor. Spicy or vinegary things like pickles, smokey Tabasco, lemon pepper, my husband's famous chipotle bbq sauce... have all contributed to this amusing oddity.

I often wonder if others experience this same reaction... but I leave it unsaid, as I am aware how it were to sound if I were to ask.

Simple things.


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  1. i have it too, it dries up and turns salt like :S weird?